Dare was approached at the end of 2012 by .net magazine to contribute an article or tutorial on the subject of Facebook application development.

As luck would have it Richard Gregory and I had been working on a project for Barclays which made use of the Facebook API to embed FB polls into pages on the site. We volunteered to write a tutorial for the magazine.

.net liked the sound of an article based on our work because we were using a couple of tricks that at the time were undocumented by Facebook, which allowed us to submit users' responses to the polls over to Facebook, as well as pulling in the poll results via a standard graph call.

The article was published in the April edition of .net, and made the front cover. It's not available to read online yet, but hopefully it will make it onto the tutorials section of the site in due course. I've been subscribing to .net for the last four years and was really proud to make the jump from regular reader to contributor.