My friend (and former colleague) Michael Dowell and I have designed and built a new site which went live last week. Introducing: The Inspiration List!

The site is a curated collection of links to the places we visit for design and tech inspiration. The project was Mike's brainchild, born out of a frustration with keeping his design team's shared 'useful links' document up to date.

We figured that the useful links could be set up as a small wordpress site and displayed and organised online. And we thought if we were going to put that kind of resource up online we might as well make it look great while we're at it!

Mike has been working hard to promote the site within the design community, mainly through The Inspiration List's twitter page. We've had plenty of positive remarks and the site is seeing traffic, which is great from our point of view as it justifies us spending more of our free time improving and extending the site.

After many years of working together at Clicked Creative on client projects it feels really good to own and be in control of this project - and we feel like our personal investment shows through in the attention to detail both in the design and in the code. I'm looking forward to seeing how the site evolves over the next few months.