Two articles in one day! Unlike the Drum article though this was a couple of weeks in the writing. I’m really happy to have had a chance to write for 24 Ways for the second year in a row. This year, reflecting the kind of work I’ve been doing at Dare, I’ve written more about [...]

Those of us who work in technology within creative and ad agencies tend to find the term ‘creative technologist’ a bit wooly, and a bit embarrassing when it’s applied to us. I think it implies that what we do is somehow more alchemical than it actually is (at least that’s how I feel about my [...]

For the first time I’ve submitted an article to 24 Ways, on accessibility and front-end development. I learned to code from reading 24 Ways and A List Apart, so I’m really proud to have something on the best advent calendar for geeks around.

After six years as a dedicated iPhone user I have decided to try out an Android device. I’m thinking of this as taking a short holiday from Apple. I’ve been testing my sites and apps on Android devices routinely over the last year or so, and became interested in what the devices and the platform [...]

Last week I created a new theme for my blog, and for the first time I’ve put it under source control using git. (My site has been in need of some TLC for a while…) To really bring my personal site project up to date what I would like to do is set up automated [...]

Just spent a few hours on a Sunday playing with the latest release of Zurb’s Foundation framework. I used it to create this new theme for the site, which I’ve called “Futura Green” – for obvious reasons. I’m pretty impressed with Foundation, it seems like slightly more of a blank slate than Bootstrap, which can [...]

Dare was approached at the end of 2012 by .net magazine to contribute an article or tutorial on the subject of Facebook application development. As luck would have it Richard Gregory and I had been working on a project for Barclays which made use of the Facebook API to embed FB polls into pages on [...]

The IPA has produced a series of short video guides to careers within the advertising industry, mostly aimed at students and new graduates. They sent a couple of their film makers into Dare and interviewed a selection of people in design, technology, creative and production roles, including me, which was cool. Plus, due to the [...]

Last night was the inaugural Front End London meetup, sponsored by Made by Many and brainchild of Made by Many developer Chris Bell. I was extremely pleased to have been asked to speak at this event, and I gave a talk entitled ‘Accessibility and UI Development’, which was an evolution of the presentation I put [...]

My friend (and former colleague) Michael Dowell and I have designed and built a new site which went live last week. Introducing:┬áThe Inspiration List! The site is a curated collection of links to the places we visit for design and tech inspiration. The project was Mike’s brainchild, born out of a frustration with keeping his [...]